Teach Them to Know God


Helping you teach the next generation to know God!


Are you passionate about teaching Bible class?

Teaching Bible class is a tremendous joy, a serious responsibility, and a lot of hard work! Explore all three in this high-energy, stick-to-the-Bible workshop for Bible class teachers. April Meacham and Teah McWhorter have more than 70 years' experience teaching Bible classes to all ages. Join April and Teah as they demonstrate dozens of visual aids, teach songs, and inspire you to teach with a greater passion for God than ever before!
2 DVDs in a slim jewel case
DVD 1:
1. Learning to teach from Joshua, Ezra, and Jesus (43 min.)
2. Classroom management; Teaching "about the Bible"' The nursery class (50 min.)
3. Teaching from the Old Testament (59 min.)
4. Teaching from the Gospels and Acts (57 min.)
DVD 2:
5. Teaching from the Epistles; Choosing and Using Visual Aids (54 min.)
6. Q & A session (27 min.)