Joshua, the Follower


Learn to follow before learning to lead

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In a time when we are so concerned about developing leadership in children, this visual begins at the beginning: learning to follow must precede learning to lead! This lesson is beautifully taught through the life of Joshua. We often focus on Joshua's life as the leader of the nation of Israel. However, that is not where the story of Joshua's service to God and His people began. This simple flipchart shows a series of images and Bible verses that teach Joshua's experience as a follower.

The lessons taught include:
The battle with Amalek Exo. 17:9
Joshua with Moses on Sinai Exo. 24:13
Joshua protecting" Moses Num. 11:28
In the tabernacle after the golden calf was destroyed Exo. 33:11
Spying out the land of Canaan Num. 14:6-8
Becoming the leader Num. 27:18-20

6 8.5" x 11" pages"
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