A "Lot of" Story


A safe approach to the story of Lot

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The citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah sinned and were destroyed because of it. Lot and his family, though, were rescued by angels. Tell this Bible story appropriately and "safely” with this visual.


Put "LOT” in the center of magnetic board or other surface. Add the other pieces along with the phrase " a lot of” when you reach that point in the story.

¨The cities were full of "a lot of” evil—For the younger children, simply say the people wanted to hurt Lot’s visitors and they got really mad when Lot wouldn’t let them

¨Lot offered the visitors "a lot of” hospitality—place to stay, food, water to wash with, and protection

¨The Lord offered "a lot of” mercy—He sent the angels to bring Lot and his family out of the city

¨The Lord sent "a lot of” destruction—He rained down fire and brimstone until the cities were completely destroyed.