Appointed: Rising to Your Spiritual Potential

$9.95 $8.96 ISBN9780996043038

A Study of Judges and Ruth


From before the foundation of the world, God was planning for today, for this day of salvation, for this final age, and He saved the best for last. What He planned for the Israelites was amazing... but ultimately only a stepping stone to what He dreamt for us. In Hebrews, God’s best, reserved for you, is revealed. What should our response be since we live in this privileged time? Join us as we journey through Hebrews and discover what the culmination of God’s plans looks like and learn what it all means for us. 

Join Erynn as she guides you through the wonderful book of Hebrews as you grow in your appreciation of being Perfected: God's Best Reserved For You.

140 pgs.

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