Difficult Words Defined

Defining heaven, hell, love, etc.

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The Bible is full of words that express concepts difficult for our students to understand. This visual can help!

Half of this visual illustrates a variety of Scriptural words. The other pieces contain simple definitions of those words. The word piece may be attached to the definition piece at the top to flip up and show the definition underneath. Or the pieces can remain separate for students to match word with definition.

Answer key:
Faith        knowing that God is God even though we can’t see Him
Hope       confident expectation that God will keep His promises
Love        wanting the very best for others
Soul         the part of me made in the image of God
Sin           breaking God’s law
Death       when the soul goes to God and the body to the dust
evil           our enemy who wants us to disobey God
Angel        a messenger of God
Eternity     before time + time + after time
Hell           the place God prepared for Satan and sinners
Heaven    God’s home that He will share with all the saved people
Salvation  saving the soul from sin