Ilustrating the incredible life of Moses

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Moses, the baby in the basket. Moses, the prince in a palace. Moses, the shepherd on a mountain. Moses, the Lawgiver and leader of God’s people. Moses had an incredible life! From the moment he was born to his death, he played a role in the national life of Israel that no one else ever did.


Each of these letters portrays some of the stories in the life of Moses,


“M” spans the first 40 years—the baby in a basket and the burning bush are pictured.

“O” shows Moses before Pharoah and illustrates a few of the plagues

“S” pictures the crossing of the Red Sea, the pillars of cloud and fire, quail and manna

“E” illustrates Israel at Sinai, Moses with the tablets, Aaron the high priest and the tabernacle

“S” covers the 12 spies, wilderness, and the charge to Johsua


5 letters

regular version is approx. 8” wide x 10” tall

large version is approx. 10" wide x 16" tall


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