Be Strong and of Good Courage


What leadership looks like from God's perspective

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As he began his leadership role, Joshua was repeatedly told to “be strong and of good courage.” Joshua chapter 1 records specific instructions from the Lord that show us what God considers good leadership. This simple visual illustrates those instructions and encourages our students to become good leaders when it is their time.

This visual was created to teach about Joshua but is appropriate and effective for any lesson on becoming a leader that pleases God.

Page 1—Be Strong and of Good Courage is the instruction and encouragement God gives leaders.

Page 2—Know Your Job—Joshua’s job was to take the land of Canaan; ours is to be a Christian soldier (Eph. 6:11ff).

Page 3—Stay on the Straight Path—The Lord told Joshua not to turn aside from following His commands; the Lord expects the same from us today (Matt. 7:14).

Page 4—Meditate toward obedience—The Lord expected Joshua to spend time thinking deeply about the Law so he could properly obey itand He expects us to do so, too (Ps. 1; 2. Tim. 2:15).

Page 5—Don’t let fear stop you—The Lord knew Joshua might be afraid of what he was facing and encouraged him not to let that stop him from doing his important job; we are not to fear either (2 Tim 1:7).

Page 6—God says “I Am With You” He appeared to Joshua before Jericho and was with him through the taking of the land; the Lord is with us, too (Matt. 28:18-20).

6 8.5” x 11” pages