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In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1). The chapter continues with the details of the creation week. Every day, God made something new for His world. 

The order of creation is: 
Day one - light 
Day two - sky and seas 
Day three - dry land, flowers, grass, and trees 
Day four - sun, moon, stars, and planets 
Day five - birds and marine life 
Day six - land animals and mankind 

and on day seven, God rested from His creative work (Genesis 2:2). 

The "c" in creation is pure black, illustrating the dark void that existed before God began His creation. Each of the letters r-o is filled with a collage of vivid images that illustrates what God made on that day ("r" is day 1, "e" is day 2, etc.). "N" then explains that God rested. The letters are positioned on an arrow to illustrate the concept of creation being a process. 

The Creation Arrow Bookmark matches this visual and makes an effective repetition to increase retention of the days of creation. One arrow approx. 18" w x 4" h
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