Timeline of Elijah's Life


Illustrated biography of Elijah's life

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The prophet Elijah lived during the Divided Kingdom. Some of the most exciting accounts in Scripture are about his life and work. This visual illustrates ten of those great stories. Students will see/learn about:

No rain 1 Kings 17:1
Being fed by the ravens 1 Kings 17:6
Being fed by the widow 1 Kings 17:9
Raising the widow's son 1 Kings 17:23
Contest on Mt. Carmel 1 Kings 18:32
Under the juniper tree 1 Kings 19:5
Listening to the Lord 1 Kings 19:3
Naboth's vineyard 1 Kings 21:19
Deaths of Ahab and Jezebel 1 Kings 22:37-38; 2 Kings 9:35
To heaven in a whirlwind 2 Kings 2:11

Each image has a short caption and Scripture reference to reinforce these as true stories! The Elijah Timeline Background makes a perfect presentation option for these pictures.

10 pictures of assorted sizes