Jeroboam's Changes


How Jeroboam changed worship

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When Solomon turned his heart away from God, God promised to take most of the kingdom away from Solomon's son. God gave ten of the tribes to Jeroboam. God promised Jeroboam that he would have a great kingdom'as long as he followed God!

Sadly, however, when Jeroboam was made king of the 10 tribes, he did not follow God. Instead, he "devised in his own heart" different ways of worship than what God had commanded. He changed the object of worship from God to idols, the place of worship from Jerusalem to Dan and Bethel, the priests from Levites to anyone, and the time of the feast of tabernacles from the seventh month to the eighth month.

This visual teaches the changes that Jeroboam made. Put "Jeroboam's Changes" at the top of a magnetic board and the long blue "divider" piece down the center of the magnetic board. Put "God's law" in the upper left corner and "Jeroboam's law" in the upper right corner. Point the arrow at the word "object" and then add "God" on the left and the calf on the right. Discuss this change Jeroboam made. Continue moving the arrow to point to the correct word and adding a pair of contrasting pieces for each change.

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