Harmony of the Gospel Visual


Harmonizing the 4 gospel accounts

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Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote about various parts of the story of Christ's life. Each had a different audience and a different purpose, yet the four books weave together into one beautiful harmony of the life of Christ.

These notes illustrate a Harmony of the Gospels. Each note contains a picture of one lesson. If a lesson is included in more than one gospel account, duplicate music notes are provided. Included are general events, parables, and miracles. The notes are color coded for quick sorting and the stems of the notes are labeled with the story "title".

Includes nearly 200 notes. You may not need to teach all these lessons, so pick the ones you need and save the others for another class.

Thirty-three 11 x 17" sheets. Notes are 5.5" wide.

The notes fit on the spaces of the Harmony Background. Begin with the page with the treble clef and fill it with notes as you teach lessons from the gospel accounts. Background with clef holds 7 notes horizontally.Then add pages without the clef (holds 9 notes horizontally) as needed to display all the lessons you will teach.

Approx. 24" tall x 48" wide