Twelve Apostles


Meet the twelve apostles

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Multitudes of people followed Jesus to hear His teaching and to benefit from His miracles. Jesus chose twelve of those followers to be His special helpers.

This visual shows a picture of each apostle and uses symbols and words on separate pieces to teach facts about that apostle (ex. The fishermen have a symbol of a fish). Included are details about their work, other names they wore, events in their lives, and more! A highly effective teaching tool that students want to see again and again!

The Apostles Bookmark makes a great take-home following this study.

Apostles' pictures are under copyright to Good News Publishers. We are grateful for their permission to use their art.

In the laminated version, each apostle picture is mounted on a different color of cover weight paper (8.5" x 11").

Twelve 4" x 6" apostles pictures with over 40 symbols