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Unity in the first century

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Male Jews were expected to go to Jerusalem for three feast days each year. As travel was slow, those who attended the Passover Feast in Jerusalem often stayed there until the Pentecost 50 days later. Then they returned home. However, on the Pentecost following Jesus' ascension, thousands of these people heard the first gospel sermon and became Christians. Instead of returning home, many stayed in Jerusalem longer to learn more about the church and how they should live.

This visual illustrates the story taking place in Acts 2-5, showing how the Christians provided for each other at this time. The shaped flipchart with brightly colored pictures attracts the attention of your students and prompts them to ask deeper questions. The pages illustrate the following points:
1.After the crucifixion, many people who had come to Jerusalem for the Passover feast stayed for Pentecost.
2.On that day, Peter preached to them and over 3000 were baptized.
3.Many of them stayed in Jerusalem so they could learn more about the church that they were now a part of.
4.They didn't have enough money because they hadn't planned to be gone so long.
5.The Christians took care of one another, giving everyone what he or she needed.
6.They shared their food with another and made sure that every one had a place to stay.
7. Some people like Barnabas even sold what they had to give the money to people who needed it.

9 pieces approx. 9.5 ' wide x 10.5" tall