Vibrant visual about the city of Ephesus

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Paul visited the city of Ephesus on his second and third missionary journeys. The Bible does not tell us much about that stop on his second journey. However, Acts 19 does record many details from his long stay in Ephesus during his third journey!

These simple, bright, colorful letters provide an overview of the story that every age will enjoy! Each letter has images that illustrate one part of the story:
E- Ephesus was the capital of Asia
P- Paul met 12 men who knew the baptism of John. He taught them about Jesus and they were baptized.
H- Paul taught in the synagogue for three months, but left when the Jews caused trouble.
E- Handkerchiefs and aprons that Paul had worn were given to the sick and injured and they were healed.
S- Seven sons of the prophet, Sceva, tried to cast out an evil spirit through their own ability. The spirit attacked them instead!
U- Many who believed brought their books of magic spells and burned them.
S- Diana was the goddess the city worshipped. Demetrius the silversmith was angry because when people heard Paul preach, they stopped buying his statues of Diana!

7 letters approx. 8 x 10" each"