In Remembrance of Me


Understand "remembering Christ's death"

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On the night of His arrest, Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper. When the church began, the apostles continued that practice and we keep the supper today as well. But what does it mean? Why do we partake of a "cracker and juice”?

This visual teaches children the concept of symbolism—one thing making us think about another.
Page one shows a birthday cake—What does it stand for? A birthday!
Page two shows family members with a baby—We can’t remember when we were a baby but our family tells us about it and we all celebrate the birthday together.
Page three shows a rainbow—What does it stand for? The promise God made never to destroy the earth again with a flood.
Page four shows Noah and his family worshipping at the end of the flood year—the first rainbow and the establishment of the promise
Page five shows Jesus and His apostles on the night of the Passover feast—What does it stand for? The night the angel "passed over the houses of the obedient”
Page six shows the first Passover with the feast on the table, the shoes on the feet, and the blood on the door.
"But Jesus didn’t just remember the old law that night; He also pointed forward to the new law”
Page seven shows one way to take communion today—trays of unleavened bread and separate cups. What does it stand for? The body and blood of Christ.
Page eight shows Christ on the cross—the event that communion is to make us think about.

Eight 8.5” x11” pieces
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