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Prayer is a vital part of the life of God’s people. It is the means He has given us to talk to Him formally. Christ directed His apostles in how to pray in the model prayer and the Bible gives example and instruction for prayer.

Page one—Tell the story of the publican and the Pharisee
Page two— Before we pray, we need to get our minds ready. We need to remember who God is. We are not talking to a person; we are talking to the Almighty God Who created us and takes care of the whole world. We need to remember that He is bigger than I am and that I am very small next to His greatness. And I need to remember to pray in faith. That means that I will believe that God will answer my prayer, even if the answer isn’t the one I want.
Page three—Before we pray, we need to get our bodies set to pray! The publican "smote his breast” - he would not so much as look up unto heaven. So bow your head to show humility before God. Then close your eyes to keep from looking around during prayer. Finally, fold your hands so you don’t bother some one else.
Page four—This page shows all the things for which we should pray—be sure to mention beginning with addressing prayer to God the Father.
Page five—Prayers should end with "In Jesus’ name” - praying by His authority—and "Amen” - adding a "so be it” to your prayers.

Five 11” x 17” pages
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