Bible Library New Testament Bookmark


Learn the books of the New Testament


The New Testament is a library of 27 books. Each book is a different type of literature: gospels, history, Paul's epistles, general epistles, or prophecy. Knowing where the books fit in the Bible library helps us locate them and better understand what they teach us.

This bookmark groups the 27 books of the New Testament into the Bible library and lists them under both a text heading and an image that illustrates the heading. Use this to help your students learn the books of the New Testament or as a reward for learning them. This bookmark is also a great tool for adults who never had the opportunity to learn the books when they were younger. Just tuck it in the Bible to help locate the books quickly. Matches Bible Library - New Testament Posters.

Note: Although the Bible does not definitively identify the writer of the book of Hebrews, many scholars believe it to be the apostle Paul. Therefore, Hebrews is grouped with Paul's epistles but an asterisk denotes the uncertainty.

Laminated cardstock approx. 7.5"