New Testament Book by Book CD


Learn the stories in the New Testament


The New Testament has 27 books. How do we learn what happens in all those books? With the New Testament Book by Book CD, you can create a fun and exciting learning tool to help your students remember the events of every book. Each book of the New Testament is represented by a separate 11" x 17" card with text and images.

The CD contains all the text pieces (name of book, meaning of name, synopsis, and verse) and matching images to create the 27 cards; simply print using your own standard color printer.

With this CD, you can create Book by Book cards for 4 different ages - preschool, primary, junior, and senior. Vocabulary for the synopses is carefully chosen to be suitable for each age and the images and amount of facts per card also are age appropriate.

The CD also contains pictures of the completed sets to help you complete your cards. Paper packs for this project are sold separately.

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