Elisha's Young Man Sees


Watch God's army appear!

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Elisha, the great prophet of God, warned the king of Israel not to go where the amies of Syria waited to attack him. Israel was saved several times by listening to Elisha's warning. When the king of Syria found out that Elisha was the reason his plans kept failing, he sent his army to Dothan to take Elisha captive. Elisha's servant-his "young man" -arose one morning to find the army of Syria surrounding Dothan. He asked Elisha, "What are we going to do?" Elisha prayed to God that his young man could see what he (Elijah) could see. God opened the young man's eyes and he saw horses and chariots of fire. God's army was there to protect Elisha!

This magic window visual vividly depicts only Elisha and his young man at first. The middle piece is then removed to allow God's army to be seen! Simple and effective, this visual will make the lesson more memorable for your students.

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