12 Present-Day Pictures

$10.99 $10.99 ISBNSTA3937

Classic Art by Francis Hook

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Two generations of children have grown up seeing Francis Hook’s classic art. The pictures are simple and exceptionally appealing to young children. This set includes:

  • God Gives Me Mother and Daddy
  • God is Love
  • God Gives Me Food
  • Thank You, God
  • God Sends the Rain
  • God Gives Me Beautiful Things
  • God Takes Care of the Birds
  • My Daddy Loves Me
  • I Can Help
  • God Takes Care of the Animals
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
  • God Gives Me the Night

Suitable for nursery through age 5 in Bible class, homeschool, day care, etc.

11” x 14” laminated cardstock

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