Early Reader Series

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Early readers learn about God and His world

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The Apologetics Press Early Reader Series is a set of books aimed at children in kindergarten through second grade. Depending on the age of your children, this series is flexible enough so that parents may choose to read to their children, read along with their children, or listen while their children read aloud to them. Not only will your children read about the sky, the trees, and the bumblebees, but they will also learn about the Designer who made all of these things. With interesting, understandable text and captivating pictures, your children will fall in love with reading and with their Creator. We hope that you enjoy using the Apologetics Press Early Reader Series.

God Made Animals

Since the fifth and sixth days of Creation, animals have lived upon this Earth as proof of God’s existence. The more we learn about animals, the more we are amazed at the One Who made them. The cheetah’s speed, the elephant’s trunk, the skunk’s smell, and the turtle’s shell all point to a Creator. In this A.P. Reader, your children will marvel at the many amazing creatures God made.
God Made Reptiles
God made an array of reptiles on days five and six of Creation. Some land-living reptiles are so small they can fit in the palm of your hand with room to spare. Other reptiles once grew to be longer and heavier than a school bus. God even made some reptiles that could soar through the air with a wingspan of more than 20 feet. Whatever the size, shape, and habitat of the reptile, one thing is for sure: they declare the glory of their Maker!
God Made Sea Creatures
On day five of Creation, the waters were filled with interesting, amazing fish similar to the ones we see today. All sea creatures have unique abilities specifically designed by God. The more our children learn about these animals, the more they will learn about the intelligent God who designed these marvelous creatures.
God Made Insects
Creepy, crawly insects capture the attention of children. What child has not been thrilled on a summer night to march into the backyard to capture fireflies? Who hasn’t been amazed at the design of a spider’s web? A quick glimpse into the world of insects shows the Creator’s awesome ability.
God Made Plants
From the magnificent redwood trees to the beautiful rose, plants fill our world with variety, beauty, and helpful resources. When we look at an apple tree, a stalk of wheat, or a host of other plants, we can see God’s gracious care for humans, and His amazing creative ability.
God Made the World
One of the most important things that children can learn is that God created the Universe. The Bible says, "In six days, the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day” (Exodus 20:11). He made the Sun to shine, and the stars to twinkle. He created the fish that swim in the seas, and the birds that fly in the air. Last, but not least, He made the first man and woman—Adam and Eve.
God Made You
Children are naturally curious about themselves. "Why do I have two eyes?" "How do my ears work?" "Who made me?" These are just a few of their many questions. The Bible says that the human body is "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14). The human brain, eyes, ears, and other body parts were masterfully designed in a way that shows there is a loving, intelligent God. God Made You helps children understand more about God and the well-designed human body He created.
God Made Birds
No one looks at an airplane flying through the sky and concludes that it must have "just happened" by accident. Aircrafts of all kinds were designed and built by very smart human beings. Amazing animals that fly through the sky also demand a Creator. Mindless evolution cannot logically explain how a bird "soars, stretching his wings toward the south" (Job 39:26). A bird's design, stamina,instinct, and overall sense of direction require an intelligent Designer. Birds are amazing animals with remarkable abilities. Indeed, the evidence is in—God Made Birds!
God Made Puppies
God created dogs on the sixth day of Creation. Dogs give birth to puppies, and puppies are some of the most fun animals in the world. Puppies run, jump, romp, wrestle, chew and do all sorts of other activities. Because God loves humans, He gave them the ability to tame and train animals such as puppies. Puppies can bring excitement and adventure into our lives. Children of all ages will enjoy learning about cute, cuddly puppies that God made.
God Made Hair
Is human hair a pointless leftover of evolution? Or is human hair—and all hair on the planet—proof of an amazing Engineer Who cares for His creation? These are "hairy” questions to some, but the more we study hair, the more we realize that it was created by God with useful purposes in mind. Be thankful that God Made Hair!