Hidden in My Heart

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Committing our evangelism strategies to memory

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As modern Christian evangelists, when we engage in spiritual warfare, many times we are like the soldier who forgot to bring his sword to the battle-or a soldier who doesn't know how to wield it. Are we really "ready to give a defense" of the truth?

Even if we wanted to, most of us either openly acknowledge that we are not ready to do the cause justice or tell ourselves we are ready to fight, when we are really not. We think we're ready to defend the truth and don't find out that we're wrong until it is too late. We don't know the Bible passages we need to know to defend or teach the truth, and those few passages that we do know, we don't know how to effectively use. So we tend to avoid the battle and bury our heads in the sand, doing exactly what Satan would have us to do. Or we go into battle and do more damage than good because we're not effective evangelists.

Hidden in My Heart attacks this problem head on. It is a memory verse curriculum for all ages. Created originally for use during weekly teen/college age Bible class settings, it's use in a pewpackers type class has been called "highly successful!" Adults also benefit from the songs; playing the CDs for children results in learning the verses themselves whether they intended to or not!

The book contains the why, who, and how of the program. Volume 1 contains 57 songs based on Old Testament verses. Volume 2 contains 50 songs based on New Testament verses.

New King James Version is used unless otherwise noted. Each verse is read once, then the song follows twice. The reference is included in the song. Running time 49 minutes.
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