Action and attitude are everything!

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Obeying is one of the first behaviors children need to learn. They need to learn that obeying means to do what you are told to do in the way you are told to do it—and to do it with a happy heart! Obeying God’s way includes both the action and the attitude and that’s what this visual teaches.

Start with the top half of the "O” and tell your students that you are going to build a picture of obedience; see if they can define "obey” in their own words. Add the first hand; teach that they have to do WHAT they are told to do. Add the second hand; discuss that they have to do it HOW they are told (sometimes the how is not specified so they are free to choose the how). But even if the actions—the what and the how—are correct, obedience is not complete without the right attitude. Teach them that even though they might not want to do something, they can still be happy while doing it because they are pleasing God and authority figures when they obey!

A matching take-home is available here.

2 pieces and 2 hands. Figure is approx. 16" tall when assembled

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