Sowing and Reaping


"What goes around comes around"

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The laws of nature tell us that when we plant a seed, we expect to get a plant of the same kind as the seed. For example, we plant a watermelon seed to get watermelon or corn seed to get corn. The Apostle Paul wrote that it works the same way for people, too. If we behave in bad ways, then we should expect to get bad things back. If we behave in good ways, we should expect to get good things back.

This visual illustrates first the seeds/plants idea and then shows children both good and bad sowing and reaping. If we act with kindness, forgiveness, goodness, etc., then others are likely to treat us with good attitudes as well. If we act with evil in our hearts and choose to do bad things, then others are likely to treat us badly and we will suffer the consequences of our bad choices (if we are mean to people, we won’t have friends; if we use drugs, we will get sick or go to jail, etc.)

5 11” x 17” pages

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