Paul's Letters Kit


A build your visual kit for Paul's epistles

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The Apostle Paul wrote more than a dozen books of the New Testament. Each one of the books was a letter he wrote—to a single person, a single congregation, or a group of congregations. Learning about the background of each letter helps us to better we understand the inspired message.

This visual is intended to help our students see the "real”-ness of Paul’s letters in two ways: identifying the location of the writing of each book and providing a simple synopsis of the book in language easily understood by your Bible class students. An envelope is printed with the name of the epistle and contains a scroll with the message. Bring new life to your study of Paul’s journeys or epistles with this visual!

The authorship of the book of Hebrews is not certain. However, we include it with this set as we believe there is a strong possibility that Paul did write it. Use of this envelope/scroll is up to the teacher.

14 envelopes, 14 scrolls, and extra pieces

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