2s of the Church


An easy way to track prophecy and fulfillment

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The church was a mystery throughout the Old Testament. God gave clues—called prophecies—about the church to give Israel hope. That hope was realized on the Day of Pentecost following the ascension of our Lord with the establishment of His church!

The number "2” connects three of those prophecies with their fulfillment in Acts 2. In Joel "2” the Bible told us that the church would begin in the later days when the Holy Spirit would pour out of His spirit. In chapter "2” Isaiah wrote about the church beginning in the mountain Zion, a reference to the city of Jerusalem and prophesied that ALL people—Jews and Gentiles—would be a part of the church. Daniel’s "2” was the account of the statue Nebuchaddnezzar dreamed about, the statue of earthly kingdoms that would be shattered by a great stone, the church.

This visual illustrates the three prophecies against the backdrop of the fulfillment. Begin with the Acts page and teach the beginning of the church—the day, baptism as entry point, and "all nations” aspects are pictured, but teach all the facts your lesson includes. Then add/flip the other pages one at a time, discussing the details of the prophecy pictured and how it was fulfilled in Acts 2. The "2" on the Joel, Daniel, and Isaiah pages is cut out showing the fulfillment in Acts.

4 11" x 17" pages