God's Prince Charming


Finding the right prince to marry

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Oh how normal it is for young ladies to look at young guys with interest! Often, that look starts with noticing whether or not the guy is "hot" - physically attractive! But God looks at a young man differently and we need to be busy teaching our young ladies the importance of seeing how God sees.

God's Prince Charming depicts a good-looking guy - and then proceeds to go from head-to-toe teaching good characteristics for young ladies to look for in a potential mate. Help the young ladies in your class/life to view a young man with these these qualities in mind:

Knows God/is a Christian
Has a covenant with his eyes
Actively listens to what God says
Speaks respectfully to/about parents
Works hard to meet his responsibility
Loves others as he loves himself
Doesn't touch a girl inappropriately
Honors a girl as the weaker vessel
Stands up for truth
Follows in Jesus' steps

11" x 17" poster
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