Foam Bible


Fun way to learn about God's Word


bibleclassworkshop is excited to bring you the black foam "Bible" we have used for years! Created out of black foam board, this "Bible" is durable for many years of use. The number of books in the Bible is on the outside and the number of books in each testament is on the inside. Pockets made of clear vinyl are secured inside the "Bible" and contain 66 paper books. Each paper book lists the name of one book of the Bible.

Use this to teach the number of books in the Bible. Let your students decide if the books go in the Old or the New Testament pocket. Students may hold the books while you sing any variety of about the Bible songs and then delight in putting the books away.

Complete and ready to use.

Approx. 20" tall x 15" wide with 66 books inside.
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