Rejoice in the Lord


Paul's story of true joy!

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Don’t have the money I need, that person doesn’t like me, I don’t get to do what I want to do—these are just some of the reasons people today give for not being happy. We seem to wait around waiting for something or someone else to make us happy. We need to learn that happiness is a choice and as Christians, we have every reason to be happy!

The Apostle Paul wrote the "happiest” book in the Bible. He wrote over and over to rejoice in the Lord! We often forget that he was in prison when he wrote it. He had learned not to expect "outside” things to make him happy, but instead to focus on the inside joy that comes from being part of the Lord’s church and having the promise of heaven.

1 "background” approx. 10’ x 16” plus 5 circles approx. 5” on top

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