The High Priest: Garments Wall Chart

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A pictorial guide to the garments of the high priest


From the breastplate to the holy ephod, this large classroom-size High Priest: Chart makes it easy to see the garments of the High Priest. Full-color and labeled, this is a must-have visual for any Tabernacle or Old Testament Study! It is perfect for Tabernacle Bible Studies, for Sunday school lessons, for offices, foyers, and bedrooms. This 19" x 26" chart is laminated for durability. 

The High Priest played an important role for the Israelites and the Tabernacle:

  • The Israelites would go to the high priest to know the will of God
  • It was the high priest's responsibility to make sin offerings on behalf all of Israel
  • The priest stepped across the veil before the Lord in the Most Holy Place, foreshadowing Jesus' role in our salvation

Enhance every lesson on the Old Testament Tabernacle of the Bible with the new large full-color poster of the High Priest's Garments. Enjoy getting Scripture references and fine details in this visually-stunning overview! Each part of the High Priest's garments is identified and explained on a reproducible worksheet on the front AND back. Includes explanations of the breastplate, ephod, mitre/turban and more. Includes a total of 4 printable reproducible worksheets on a 19" x 26" large chart, making it perfect for classroom use. Click here to see this High Priest Wall Chart's 3 Key Features

The High Priest's Garments Wall Chart Includes 8 Key Parts—

The High Priest’s garments included 8 key pieces. Each piece was designed with a purpose and held a special meaning. For example, each of the 12 stones in the High Priest’s breastpiece represented the 12 tribes of Israel.

  • Turban
  • Onyx Stones
  • Breastplate (Breastpiece)
  • Robe
  • Ephod
  • Tunic
  • Censer
  • Barefoot

3 Key Features of the High Priest: Garments Poster

1. Easy-to-See Size and Laminated for Durability

    Full color, large Bible wall chart for Bible study, Sunday school or Summer Bible School use. Size: 19.5" x 26". Printed on heavy chart paper, and laminated front and back with high quality 3 mil lamination. Perfect for use with water-soluble markers (such as the Vis-à-Vis™ brand). Rolls for easy storage.

2. Easily Teach Your Sunday School with 4 Reproducible Printable Worksheets

    Make your teaching completely interactive with these easy-to-use reproducible worksheets that are highly-visual and filled with charts and discussion questions! With the push of a button on your copier, engage your Sunday school in what makes the High Priest's functions and garments so important to learning about God's purpose for worship! Worksheets cover—

    1. The High Priest: Tasks and Symbolism
    2. Jesus and the High Priest
    3. The Day of Atonement and Jesus
    4. Incense, Prayer, and the Holy Spirit

3. Clearly & Beautifully Explains the Garments Worn By the High Priest