Body and Soul Boy Take Home


What's inside my body?


God made man in His image: He gave man an immortal soul. This is one of the more difficult concepts to help children "see." This visual teaches children about the different things inside us that we can't see. We can't see our bones, but we can feel them through our skin. We can't see our "guts," but we know they are there because we can feel our tummies growl. We also can't see our soul, but we know it is there because God "breathed" into man and gave Him a living soul. This is the part that never dies.

Extend and reinforce the lessons with the songs "The Best Part of Me" and "Made in His Image" from To Know God in Song.

Take-home sets are approx. 4.45" tall. Girls are sold separately.
Not reproducible. Purchase one per student.

Teaching set figures are available here.